This part describes the algorithms used by Network Signal Guru to identify network cells with entries in a NSG cell file.

The following procedure is used to find a matching cell:

• Try to match cell parameters in the cell file, also considering the geographical position of the sample. Specifically:

– For a GSM cell, ARFCN and BSIC.

– For a WCDMA cell, UARFCN and SC.

– For a TDSCDMA cell, UARFCN and CPI.

– For an LTE cell, EARFCN and PCI.

– For a CDMA or EVDO cell, RF channel and PN offset.

• A position is considered valid if the distance to the cell is less than 100 km.

• If multiple matches are found within a 100 km radius, the closest cell is picked.

• If the position is invalid, no result is returned unless a unique match is found in the cell file.