To access the script editing function, tap the left Menu button, and under testing scripts. Then the testing script screen will be in the bottom of the screen.


NSG now can setup six different test scenarios which includes Voice MO and MT, FTP upload and download, HTTP get and posts… user can only run one test scenario once. For instance, if you’d like to run ftp and voice, you need two scripts separately. Please be aware.

After multiple scripts are created, you can choose one to run, the active one will be highlighted and bold-texted.

Each scripts are tagged with two buttons (left and right), left button (in red rectangle, with a letter) are the selection button. After this button is pressed, the script will be selected and you can delete the selected. See the right pic of the up three pictures.

The right button (edit pen) will start to edit the script. This will be described in the following parts.