This action is used to download and upload from ftp servers

Name: the name of the scripts

Site address: FTP server to download from or upload to. The server is given as <host>[:<port>], where <host> is an IP address or a plain-text string. A port number can optionally be specified; otherwise, the default port 21 is used. For instance,

Remote Path: FTP server directory to read from or write to.

User Name, Password: User name and password on the FTP server.

Repeat action: Total number of times to execute the action before the script proceeds to the next action.

Duration: the max timer for this download…


  • Download: <Remote Path> requires a file path (not a directory). The best size of the file on the server is larger than 50Mb.
  • Upload: <Remote Path> requires a directory path (end with '/'). The session upload random name file to this directory, and delete it on session completed.
  • Timeout: Default is 15 seconds. If no any data transfer within timeout, session is completed.
  • Connections: The script initiate 2 - 16 connections for transmit data, according to the bandwidth. But some ftp sites limit the number of connections, please aware.