Band Class: same as in CDMA documents.

Color Code: The color code corresponding to the serving sector. For Qualcomm-based handsets, this information is provided in the 1xEV-DO Sector Info message.

SectorID: Sector ID of Serving cell

Searcher: this defined the 1xEV searcher working state, one of Paging, Sync, Traffic, HDR or other status.

TxPower: this attributes identifies the transmitted power of mobile station when EV networks are using.

Instant PER: The average instantaneous packet error rate of the air link for both PN rolls in Air Link Summary message: (PER decoded from Air Link Summary msg) / (16384 x 100). For Qualcomm-based handsets, this information is calculated from the 1xEV-DO Air Link Summary message.

SINR: Signal Interference of Radio.