CDMA Searcher State: CDMA searcher state, paging, sync, traffic and etc…

Forward Vocoder: Indicates the data rate of the mobile station vocoder on the forward link. CDMA networks will use Different EVRC codec in voice vocoder. And also reverse of vocoder:






Frame erasure

Invalid vocoder data

Forwrd FER/BER: same as described in Primary fragment

RxPower #1/2: same as described in Primary fragment

Setpoint FCH: The average forward link Supplemental channel (SCH) outer loop setpoint. For Qualcomm-based handsets, SCH setpoint information is provided in the following messages: Fast Forward Power Control

TxPower/TxAdj: TxPwr: UE Transmit Power, this attribute gives the estimated mobile transmit power. for Qualcomm-based handsets, MobileTransmitPower is the estimate of actual TX power based on receive power (RxPwr) and transmit gain adjust (TxAdj)

FWD SCH#0/1: The first forward link Supplemental channel (SCH0) transmission rate. For Qualcomm-based handsets, SCH Rate is provided in the following messages: Active Set and Channel Configuration. This configurations should be 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x or 16x.