"Network Signal Guru" is published in the Google Play, Tencent, Vivo APP markets, others maybe are repackaged and implanted into advertisements. Users can also get upgrade services through these channels.

After the installation is completed, some of the functions can be used free of charge; the other part of the functions needs to buy "ultimate service".

The following table is the difference between free and ”ultimate service“:



”ultimate service“


Network Information

Show Basic Network information

RAT Locking, Band Locking

LTE PCI or EARFCN Locking,


Logging and Replaying

Log to file and replay log file

Logging DLF format

Log file in DLF Format, DLF format can opened by many others postprocess software.

Cell Database Import

Cell database importants and display cell name/distance etc.

Test Script

Edit and execute test script

Indoor Testing

Load indoor picture map and mark route

Display information by simcard

Display information by simcard on Dual-sim dual-standby handset

Remove Ads.

Fully signaling message  decode

Free version is limited.

We provide discount for bulk purchases (>20), please contact info@qtrun.com