The LTE Cell Configurations will display the data as follow:

Duplex Node: FDD or TDD

3GPP Band NumberNumber of E-UTRA band as laid down in  3GPP 36.101, table 5.5-1 “E-UTRA Operating Bands”.

MME Group ID: Mobility Management Entity Group ID. Part of the Globally Unique Temporary UE Identity (GUTI), it uniquely identifies the MME which allocated the GUTI. 3GPP 23.003, section 2.8.1

MME Code: Mobility Management Entity Code. Part of the GUTI, it temporarily and uniquely identifies the UE within the MME that allocated the GUTI.  3GPP 23.003, section 2.8.1

Phy Cell ID: Physical layer Cell Identity, PCI = 3 × PCIG + PI. Value range: {0 ... 503}.  3GPP 36.211, section 6.11

Phy Cell ID GroupPhysical layer Cell Identity Group, PCIG. Value range: {0 ... 167}.

Phy ID: Physical layer Identity, PI. Value range = {0, 1, 2}.

Cell ID: ECI, E-UTRAN Cell Identifier. Used to identify a cell uniquely within a PLMN. Length: 28 bits.  3GPP 36.300, section 8.2

eNB/Cell: ECI divided into an eNodeB part (eNB-ID, 20 bits) and a cell part (8 bits).

Frame Timing Rx1: Cell frame timing of serving cell relative to the network’s absolute time reference, as received on antenna Rx1. In the CA case, this is the primary serving cell. Given in LTE Ts units; range {0 ... 307199}.

Frame Timing Rx2: Same as preceding, but as received on antenna Rx2.

APN: Access Point Name, defined by operators.

AMBR: Aggregate Maximum Bit Rate, this attribute identifies the max rate for every APN connections, defined by the operators.

P-CSCF #1, 2: these 2 attributes define the SIP proxy IP address of IMS services, primary and secondary.

TDD Config UL/DL: TDD downlink-to uplink switch-point periodicity.  3GPP 36.211, table 4.2-2

TDD ACK/NACK Mode: ACK/NACK feedback mode for TDD.  3GPP 36.212, section 0: Multiplexing 1: Bundling

TDD Config UL/DL (ms): TDD downlink-to uplink switch-point periodicity.  3GPP 36.211, table 4.2-2. Unit milliseconds

TDD SSF PatternsTDD special subframe configuration.  3GPP 36.211, table 4.2-1