The TD-SCDMA Cell Configuration is as follow:

Band Class: TD-SCDMA bands defined in 3GPP documents.

S_Intra: intra-frequency cell reselection threshod in dB.

S_Inter: inter-frequency cell reselection threshold in dB.

S_HCS: Threshold for HCS (Hierarchy Class Structure) in dB.

Max TxPower: maximum allowed transmitted power of UE

Tresections: time delay for a cell reselection

QHysts: Hysteresis thresh for every single cell reselection.

QrxLev_min: minimum accessible RxLev for every single mobile stations.

Qrxlev_min off: offset of minimum rxLev in dB.

UL_UARFCN: uplink UARFCN in use

UPPCH_shift: shifts for UPPCH channel

Speech Codec DL/UL: Voice codec and codec rate.{4.75kb, 5.15kb, 5.90kb, 6.70kb, 7.40kb, 7.95kb, 10.2kb, 12.2kb, 6.60kb, 8.85kb, 12.65kb, 14.25kb, 15.85kb, 18.25kb, 19.85kb, 23.05kb, 23.85kb}

Speech Quality DL/UL: AMR Speech Quality Indicator {Speech Good, Speech Degraded, Onset, SID First, SID Update, SID bad, Null Data.}

Note: TD-SCDMA, GSM, WCDMA and even VoLTE are using the compatible speech codecs in voice related services, including video and voice. NSG will deal with it as one attributes in related radio technologies.