Up to eight cells are displayed, each belonging to one of the following categories:

A: Active set member (connected mode). In case of dual carrier HSPA, cells from both primary and secondary carriers appear here with equal priority.

M: Monitored neighbor

D: Detected neighbor

JDS: this attributes identifies whether the cell joint detection setting is open or not.

The categories are prioritized as listed above, cells from lower-ranking categories being displayed as far as space allows. Within each category

UARFCN: UARFCN, UMTS Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.

CPI: Cell Parameter ID, this attributes identifies the logical serving cell id of basestation sector.

RSCP: Received Signal Code Power (dBm).

CI: Cell identity according to cell file.

This view also show the data as follow:

3GPP Band Number: TD-SCDMA bands defined in 3GPP documents

RRC State: Display RRC connection state of the UE.{DCH, FACH, Disconnected, connecting and etc}

PCCPCH RSCP: Received Signal Code Power (dBm) of PCCPCH Channel.

PCCPCH C/I: Carrier to Interference of PCCPCH Channel in dB

TrCH BLER: Aggregated block error rate of transport channels in percentage.

Timeslot ISCP: aggregated interference signal channel of all timeslots in dedicated mode.

SIR Target: signal to interference ratio in dedicated mode.

TxPower: Transmitted power in dBm in dedicated mode.