Band class: CDMA Band Class Description, 0x0 North American Cellular

North American PCS



Korean PCS



North American 700 MHz Cellular

1800 MHz

900 MHz

Secondary 800 MHz

400 MHz European PAMR band

800 MHz European PAMR band

BS Latitude: The base station shall set this field to its latitude in units of degree

BS Longitude: The base station shall set this field to its longitude in units degree

Channel 1, 2: Indicates the channel number of the RF carrier frequency as specific in IS-95 or J-STD-008.

RxPower 1, 2: received power of mobile station; 1, 2 means different antennas.

TxPower/TxAdj: This attribute gives the estimated mobile transmit power. Txadj is the power control value of mobile stations.

For Qualcomm-based handsets, MobileTransmitPower is the estimate of actual TX power based on receive power (RxPwr) and transmit gain adjust (TxAdj), calculated using the following formulae:

For PCS: MsTxPwr = -76 - RxPwr + TxAdj

For Cellular: MsTxPwr = -73 - RxPwr + TxAdj

FFER/BER: The forward link frame error rate for voice averaged over 100 frames. No Markov algorithms are used in this calculation of FER. For Qualcomm-based handsets, Voice FER is provided in the Markov Statistics message.

BER: The forward link frame burst error rate, which is calculated on full rate Markov call frames. Frame burst errors are defined as x consecutive full rate frame errors, where x is user defined in the CDMA tab of the Options window under the Tools menu.