All data shown in the header pertains to the current serving cell (idle mode) or the strongest cell from the primary carrier in the active set (connected mode). No cell from the secondary carrier in an HSPA dual carrier configuration ever appears in the header.

Channel: Indicates the channel number of the RF carrier frequency as specific in IS-95 or J-STD-008.

PN: PN Offset of serving cell (idle mode) or strongest active set member (active mode)

RxPowerReceived power (dBm) of mobile station, defined from -130-20 dBm

Ec/Io: Signal-to-notification noise ratio for strongest active set. Indicates the combined Ec/Io (energy to interference) for all locked PNs

PLMN: Public Land mobile network, Serving cell Mobile Country Code and Serving cell Mobile Network Code

BID: Base Station Identification

SID/NID: System Identification (SID). A unique identification code for cellular/PCS systems. Please see IS-95 section for more information.

Network Identification (NID): Indicates the network identification code that uniquely identifies a network in a cellular/PCS system. Please see IS-95 section for more information.