All data shown in the header pertains to the current serving cell (idle mode) or the strongest cell from the primary carrier in the active set (connected mode). No cell from the secondary carrier in an HSPA dual carrier configuration ever appears in the header.

UARFCN: This attribute gives the Downlink UMTS Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number of the transmitting Node B.

PSC: Scrambling Code of serving cell (idle mode) or strongest active set member (connected mode).

RSCP: This gives the calculated CPICH Received Signal Code Power received by the UE for each cell in the active set based on Rssi and the respective SC's EcN0. The unit is dBm.

Ec/No: Carrier-to-noise ratio. This attribute gives the value of difference between the sum of the CPICH_RSCP in dBm and RSSI in dBm. The unit is dB. Note: for calculation, CPICH_EcN0 is used instead of CPICH_RSCP.

PLMN: Serving cell Mobile Country Code and Serving cell Mobile Network Code. This is a combination of MCC and MNC.

LAC: Serving cell Location Area Code, Indicates the location area code (paging area) of the current serving cell.

CellID: Serving Cell Identity, 28 bits, decimal. This code can be displayed as a combination of RNC/Sector by using the setting items of display formats.