Up to eight cells are displayed, each belonging to one of the following categories:

A: Active set member (connected mode). In case of dual carrier HSPA, cells from both primary and secondary carriers appear here with equal priority.

M: Monitored neighbor

D: Detected neighbor.

The categories are prioritized as listed above, cells from lower-ranking categories being displayed as far as space allows. Within each category, cells are sorted by descending Ec/N0.

UARFCN: UARFCN, UMTS Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number.

PSC: Scrambling Code.

Ec/No: Ec/N0 (dB), signal-to-noise ratio measured.

RSCP: Received Signal Code Power (dBm).

3GPP Band Number: UMTS Band identity, shows different band with different definitions.

RRC State: Display RRC connection state of the UE.{DCH, FACH, Disconnected, connecting and etc}

UARFCN DL/UL: Downlink and Uplink of UARFCN

Carrier RSSI: This attribute gives the average value of Received Signal Strength Indicator over a certain sampling period. The unit is dBm.

UE TxPower: This attribute gives value of the transmitted power by the UE, averaged over a certain time. The unit is dBm.

Uu SIR: Signal-to-Interference Ratio (dB).

TrCH BLER DL: Block Error Rate in percent, this attribute gives the overall Block Error Rate percentage measured by the UE. (DCH only)