EUTRA Sessions display the EPS Sessions used in LTE networks. In NSG, maximum 3 sessions are shown in this fragments.

Context: this attribute identifies the context type of this session, default or dedicated.

QCI: Quality Class Identifier, which shows the quality control information in different class.

Bearer ID, shows the bearer identity of the session.

Bearer State: current radio bearer status when session is launching, one of inactive, active pending, active, modify.

APN: current apn channel in current session, APN(access point name)

MBR GBR DL/UL: this 2 attributes identify the QoS of the session. MBR stands for maximum bit rate and GBR is guaranteed Bit Rate. GBR and MBR is different according different services.

PDN: requested PDN address in the current IP sessions, IPv4 or IPv6. Generally an IMS session will define multiple CSCF proxies for the connections, this attributes define the active proxy when connected.

Used P-CSCF: used P-CSCF server address of a dedicated session, this is an ip address of SIP Proxy, such as IMS server, video server and etc.