The view displays parameters and data related to RACH signaling and paging in GSM.

Establish Cause: Establishment cause in Channel Request message. 

Random Reference: Random Reference in Channel Request message. 

Max TxPower: The maximum TX power level an MS may use when accessing on a Control Channel, CCH.

Max Retransm: Maximum number of retrans-missions.

Reestablish: Call reestablishment allowed/not allowed in the cell. 

Tx Integer: Number of slots used to spread the transmission. CCCH Group / PCCCH Group: The former of these appears for CS and the latter for PS data.

Paging Group: The mobile’s paging group. 3GPP 45.002, sections 6.5.2, 6.5.6, PAGING_GROUP.

Paging Multiframe: Paging multiframe: 3GPP 45.002, section 6.5.3

Paging Blk Idx: Paging block index: 3GPP 45.002, section 6.5.3

BS_PA_MFRMS: Number of 51-multiframes between transmission of paging messages to mobiles of the same paging group {2 ... 9}.