All data shown here pertains to the device’s latest reporting period, unless otherwise noted.

HSDPA Info: display the min.avg/max

Act. Block Size: Actual HS-DSCH transport block size in bits: minimum/average/ maximum.

Req. Block Size: Requested transport block size in bits (corresponding to minimum CQI): minimum/average/maximum.

CQI: Minimum/average/maximum value of CQI (Channel Quality Indicator).

Codes Used: Number of channelization codes used.

Blocks Fail/Success: Block error rate on HS-DSCH for first retransmission/Average transport block size in bits on E-DCH. Updated once every second.

DTX Usage: DTX Usage of the last seconds, percent. DTX means empty transportations in the transmitted blocks

HARQ Process: Number of active HARQ (Hybrid Automatic Repeat Request) processes on the HS-DSCH.

QPSK/16/64QAM: Percentage distribution of downlink modulation scheme usage: QPSK (left), 16-QAM (center), 64-QAM (right) /Percentage of blocks on HS-DSCH that were transmitted success-fully on first attempt (zero retransmissions). Updated once every second.  


DTX: DTX rate (%) on uplink.

Retransmissions: Number of retransmissions on E-DPCCH/E-DPDCH divided by the number of TTIs.

Happy Rate: This attribute is the ratio of the number of transmission time intervals where the UE is Happy, excluding DTXed TTIs, to the total number of non-DTXed TTIs. The unit is percent.

Avg. Grant Index: Average value of Serving Grant Index. This attribute gives the average Grant to the total number of frames reported in the message, including DTX'ed frames.

Avg Tx Block Size: Average transport block size in bits on E-DCH.