Network Signal Guru

Network Signal Guru (NSG) is a multi-functional Android OS based tool for voice and data service quality troubleshooting, RF optimization and engineering field work. It supports all wireless network technologies worldwide, and covers multiple mobile layers as well as data stack in real-time. NSG provides extensive test functions for voice, data tests to assess and reflect the real end-user experience of QoS within a mobile network.

NSG covers all test functions and latest technologies such as: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, CDMA2000, EVDO, LTE(FDD & TDD). NSG integrates full recording and decoding of protocol layers on the supported technologies(3GPP, Layer2, Layer3 and SIP) and direct decoding of Layer 3 signaling and data protocol packets on cell phones.

NSG Map offers comprehensive and valuable benefits to combine outdoor and indoor measurements, which reduces the complexity of in locations such as subway, malls or airports.

Generally, NSG provides two optional modes for end users, general and advanced modes. In advanced mode, NSG needs two prequisite conditions before you are using this tool. first advanced mode only support Qualcomm chipset models. Secondly NSG need cell phone a super user access within your android phone and you have to root the device before NSG is running. In the advanced mode, test user can discover handreds of parameters in different network technologies provided by NSG and that can help us to know the wireless better. If device cannot run in advanced mode, NSG will fallback to general mode. Under this mode, all the Android OS running devices can provide NSG information for test users including radio parameters, cell location and even advanced LTE parameters.

What that NSG team is doing right now is to lower the cost of network maintenance, optimization and engineering processes. Currently a lot of test tools provided in the market are very expensive, some of those are much more expensive than a basestation. That's why NSG Team launch this app. Please help us more users and carriers can get benefits from this APP.


Network Signal Guru(NSG) is handheld tool for verification, maintenance, and troubleshooting of mobile networks as well as for basic cell engineering tasks. NSG collects measurement results, providing useful information for network engineering purposes. The combination of small size and powerful testing features makes testing a convenient tool for day-to-day monitoring of mobile networks. In addition, NSG promotes continuous use by engineers and technicians, which translates into more time for them to detect, document, and solve problems.

Key Terms

This app is only working in cellular networks and android OS running devices. For more information in wireless networks, you have to find more in 3GPP or 3GPP2 documents. For android details, you need more knowledge and you can search through Google. Besides, for the advanced mode provided by NSG, We only support Qualcomm chipset powered phones. In additional to that, NSG advanced mode needs your android devices has a super user access to your phone. That means you have to make your cell phone rooted by some special tools before you launched an ADVANCED Mode.

Traffic Safety

Note that in some countries it is illegal to drive a car and operate a device at the same time. Do not operate NSG and drive at the same time. Remember, traffic safety comes first.

Data Security

Please be aware that there are inherent security risks in transmitting data or private information, via the Internet, because it is impossible to safeguard completely against unauthorized access by third parties.


Q:How to enable Forcing Features?

A: See How to enable Forcing Features? (Youtube) or 如何使用强制功能 (腾讯视频)

Q: How to import cell file?

A: See How to import cell file? (Youtube) or 如何导入小区数据 (腾讯视频)

Q: In some Samsung, for example, the phone is with a Qualcomm baseband, but NSG advanced mode cannot be achieved, why? This happens in Samsung i9505, i545, i9506, i9507, G920V, N900x, etc, most of them come with an android 5.0.

A: in some Samsung, HTC and Sony phones, the official firmware removed NSG needed drivers for diagnostic interface. There are some possible ways to fix this problem: you can upgrade or downgrade OS provided by your phone supplier. In Samsumg i9505, SCH-i545 4.x or 6.0 is ok for advanced mode, but with 5.0, it's not OK. for Samsung phones, user can try some other ways. In stock recovery mode, and enable CP logging option and advanced mode will be achieved. It's from some European users. Thanks for their advices. There's another way. Some 3rd parties are providing ROM for Samsung, and Sony and etc. user can find the correspondent ROM to your own cell phone. Some NSG users shared us with that information. These orginizations are:

Q: I am a Nexus 6P user and it's using a Qualcomm MSM8994. The advanced mode is achieved but I cannot lock band? But RAT locking is OK. Why is that?

A: Google locked the radio of Nexus 6P and NSG cann't manage locking bands within it. One user from USA posted a wonderful article about how to manage band locking on Nexus 6P ( Thanks for their efforts.

Q: Can you changed the band capacities of my cell phone. My cell phones are from other countries and the band capabilities are not so good, and I want more band support. Could NSG do that?

A: NSG cannot provide this kind of feature and we don't change the band capabilities. It's different among different phones, so it's dangerous and once failed, you will lose all of the band capabilities of certain radio technology. And it's very difficult to recover.

Q: In some countries, dual SIM card is widely used. The NSG UI is switching time to time. Is it a bug? When will NSG support to Dual SIM?

A: Dual SIM is supported since 1.3 with ulimate version.

Q: How to root an android phone in an easy way?

A: In some android 4.x devices, it's very easy to root. User can find some apps online (king root, rootmaster, 360 root and etc) and you can root device easily. But with 5.0 or above, it's not easy. Some phones needed to unlock bootloader. For Samsung devices, you can root it with odin tools and unlock bootloader with a CMROM Service App. If you are not so professional at rooting devices, we would like you to buy some popular phones, such as XIAOMI, OnePlus, LeTV, Samsung and etc. These devices are very easy to root because the manufacturer provides the way to root their devices. After that, remember to use SuperSU to grant super user to the APP.

Q:Cannot get the configurations. But internet connections are OK, the app exit.

A: You can try this Just visit this URL. If you can visit and you still cannot download the configurations, you have to contact us with email.Thanks for your coorporations.

Q: How can I move the license to a new phone, or sometime the phone is lost, can I resume the licecnse?

A: Yes, just keep the information in your purchase screen, which includes your serviceID, InstallationID and we will move your old license to the new testing models. Send us your information and we will do it for you.