Network Signal Guru (NSG) is an APP software for verification, maintenance, trouble-shooting and benchmarking of mobile networks as well as for basic cell planning tasks. Built into a commercial mobile phone or tablet, NSG collects measurements and events and presents them on the device display. The measurements can be stored for later analysis in other products such as Actix Analyzer, Qualcomm QCAT, and TEMS Investigation etc. The combination of small size and powerful testing features makes NSG a convenient tool for day-to-day monitoring of mobile networks, particularly in an indoor or pedestrian scenario. In addition, since the mobile device can function as the user’s regular phone, NSG provides a powerful way to find errors without explicitly searching for them.

NSG is designed as an integral part of the device’s user interface. This promotes continuous use by engineers and technicians, which translates into more time for them to detect, document, and solve problems.